Play it safe and hire a reindeer or your favorite elf to drive you.


Santa likes to keep his money in Oklahoma, and he shops at local businesses.


…and by costume, we mean a head-to-toe, decked-out COSTUME, ya’ll. Santa crawlers who just throw on a hat and call it good will be ostracized by all other Santas.


He dresses warm, and wears layers. Santa is always prepared for cold streets and hot dance floors.


Santa doesn’t wear stillettos – sexy Santa’s feet will make him a sad Santa at the end of a very long day of bar crawling and shopping.


Santa pays with cash. It can get chaotic when Santa comes to OKC with long lines and full tables. Santa doesn’t want to lose his credit card or have to wait for a tab when the Reindeer are ready to head to the next stop. Tip well and bring your ID. Underage Santa’s are NOT welcome.


You are Santa.  Your friend is Santa.  That guy from your office you don’t really like and always mouth breaths is Santa.  Santa addresses all other Santas as Santa.


Santa doesn’t start fights, Santa doesn’t litter, Santa doesn’t block streets. Santa is a pillar of the community in OKC.


He makes them laugh, not cry…because he is Santa Claus. (Duh!)


Santa does not jaywalk.  Santa does not carry open container.  It’s worth repeating here that Santa is a pillar of the community.


Santa charges his phone, gets a good night’s sleep and eats a big breakfast.  Santa cannot operate on an empty tummy.


This year, Santa wears a mask and encourages all the other Santas to do the same! He social distances and follows each Santa Stop’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines.